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Wireguard fast download speeds!

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I just set up my desktop client v4.1.1 on Ubuntu 20.04.

Excellent speeds using WireGuard with my UK residential/streaming IP

FTTH 500/250 connection

Looking forward to the Android release with WireGuard support...


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I had a terrible speed with my UK residential/streaming IP address < 2 Mbps via OpenVPN (normal IPs worked just fine) hence I stopped subscribing to Torguard.

May I know the UK server you get when you connect to your IP address? Mine was Cogent.

Since Residential/Streaming IP address works with Wireguard now, I think I can give Torguard another try.




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Cogent. I was getting around 60Mbps download max. in the past using OpenVPN on a DD-WRT router. FTTH 500/250 connection.

I have just set up Torguard WireGuard on my GL-iNet router and I am maxing out the 280Mbps download WireGuard capability of the unit. Brume GL-MV1000 Edge Computing Gateway-OpenWrt.

1. You have a high ping. Are you in the UK?

2. Contact support-they are very helpful.

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