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Weren't Russian servers disabled and it was announced, I missed that it is not the case :)

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@Support weren't russia servers disabled and servers switched off?

I am happy that there are russian IP's 😂 but please verify first that those servers indeed are operated by you. You can see the IP and I make this post now logged in from russian IP. If it is you, dont just disable them please without prior notice.






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12 minutes ago, Code said:

The Russian servers are virtual.

Perhaps you missed that?

https://torguard.net/network/: "Last Updated 30th August 2020".


Thanks,  no actually I did not miss it, as it actually should be removed from that list. According to TorGuard, they had to decide if they follow http://eng.rkn.gov.ru/ or not and due to russian laws being changed it was not possible to offer any service from Russia, back then nobody mentioned that virtual would be ok, but instead servers stopped working as intended.

I have not seen any statement from TorGuard in explaining that servers in Russia are available again, virtually or not, is it in accordance with Roskomnadzor as well as if TorGuard is the company operating those servers, the IP says M247 which only tells me that Roskomnadzor does get required information from M247.

@Support that's why my question, will russian servers stay or not and due to not knowing that you actually reenabled service from russia I hope you could be clearer regarding my description above.


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