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SOCKS5, how do you use it?

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I actually do not see in those screenshots what your question is, you can configure foxyproxy based on the addresses you type and exclude local hosts and so on, example for patters would be:

Add to whitelist patterns:

Name: All Pages HTTP/HTTPs




Type: RegEx

Https; all

Enabled: yes


If you have other patterns like onion and so which you want to go over other proxy then add then to blacklist, here example for i2p or onion:

name: i2p (HTTP/HTTPS)



type: RegEx


name: tor



type: RegEx


As last, if you want to exclude local net from being browsed by those proxies, click on

Add black patterns to prevent this proxy being used for localhost & intranet/private IP addresses

and it will add your local subnet, same way you can add other subnets.




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Just now, Loski said:

I’m trying to use the website provided SOCKS5 but VPN won’t run properly. I know I’m most likely missing something. Can anyone help? 


I’ve noticed google is your best friend in the world of IT and the reason I have all these windows open is to show what I have discovered from other forums and what not to resolve my problem before making a post of my own just praying for a response.

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