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cannot bypass network firewall

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Hi - can anyone recommend the best settings to me to bypass my network's firewall at work? No matter what I've tried, I cannot connect via Torguard. I've tried the stealth connection, stealth proxy, port 443 and 4443 and auto port, tcp, udp, aes 128 or 256, but cannot get it to connect.



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hello, it depends on security of your companies network.

I assume that you are windows user and that you probably have companies pc where you can not install anything.

In that case, download putty and create a tunnel to your own notebook/pc. (in putty you can choose dynamic, it is -D option normally). Then use as sock5 to connect over it.

In TorGuard client it would look like in the screenshot



If that does not work, you can check which ports your company uses for other services like companies VPN and use those ports.

SSH tunnel is actually something that is always useful and if you need, you can run vpn over it to encrypt your communitcation.


EDIT: Did you try openconnect? Many companies use also anyconnect and allow that protocol.

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You can try OpenConnect/AnyConnect. In my office I too face very harsh firewall, and I use AnyConnect in my iPhone and it works perfectly. 

Also, I use in my Mac (Shimo App) first OpenConnect then openvpn by Tunnelblick, this also works fine.

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