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Peacock TV is blocked

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Cody Maverick


I recently tried to access Peacock TV, but TorGuard is detected and I'm denied.

How can they tell I'm using a VPN?

Isn't TorGuard anonymous?

What's the work around?


Peacock TV DENIED!!!.png

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So, I've received an answer from TorGuard tech support.  Apparently this issue can be solved by spending more MONEY!


I'm going to respond to tech support's email and ask them to explain to me what exactly I have been paying for these past 2 years if it doesn't actually work.

Well, it works with iHeart Radio, other radio stations, Pandora, Spotify and PlutoTV,  but that's apparently only because these other services are lazy to truly try to block TorGuard's "fabulous" VPN.

So, am I anonymous when I use TorGuard or not?   What's the point of using this service if Peacock TV can detect that I'm using a VPN?

Looks like I will be checking out some new VPN services in lieu of tossing more wasted money on TorGuard unless they provide me with a reasonable explanation as to what I've been spending my money on.


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