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Question regarding multiple devices in combination of dedicated IPs

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Hello, I was wondering if someone could let me know what the rules are regarding: 1) Letting my girlfriend use my VPN? 2) If yes, then is the same applied to streaming/dedicated IPs? (and can we use the same server at the same time?)

I know some other services are kind of against stuff like this. Just want to make sure I wouldn't be breaking any terms and don't wind up getting my account or dedicated IPs locked/banned.


Thank you for the help.

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hello, you can have 8 separate connections and if you want you can give all of them to your friends, torguard and other services do not care about it. On torguard, you can setup alternative credentials which is something that you should do if you give anybody access.

You can use dedicated ip or any ip up to 8 separate connections,  the only restriction is that you need to use different protocols/ports for each except you use wireguard. As example, if you connect over openvpn udp port 1195 then your girlfriend will not be able to connect over udp 1195 to that ip. Instead, she could use any other port on tcp or udp.

If you use wireguard, you can connect to same server (for now).

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