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Wireguard with port forwarding

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Wireguard is working perfectly on my end, but I haven't had any luck figuring out how to port forward yet.

Anybody had any luck with this who'd like to share how they did it?

I'm using the Windows client.



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any confirm on this on windows?

I just grabbed the new client and connected through wireguard.  Couldnt be more pleased from a latency/speed standpoint.   However I have had a specific server set up for quite some time with all my ports forwarded that are 100% necessary to my workflow.   Without it being possible (port forwarding) it's (wireguard) going to go unused. 

If its upcoming, thats fine - more than willing to be patient.   If its not going to be possible or not on the shortlist,   i'd prefer to weather my disappointment ahead of time :P

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2 hours ago, klepp0906 said:

spoke with support.  not possible yet but in the works. 

this is incorrect technically, look up here, if you need need to reach your machine on that IP, you can setup port forwarding from any to you available IP to any torguard's wireguard vpn ip, in vpn ip range it seems all ports are forwarded, even those under 2000 where you void restriction by TorGuard that you can not portforward ports under 2000. It the linked post I actually wrote how it is done, the guide would then require SSH part, where you actually ensure that your connection lets say between clients in TG VPN range communicates encrypted, if you find SSH to slow or complicated, simply setup own wireguard server and add TG as peers, the by allowed IP's you define which goes where.

Support might have been taling about their implementation that it is not rolled out, but it does not mean you can not port forwarding in alternative way.

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In simple words, officially you cant for now. One way which was available was simply a mistake in opening it which torguard closed. However, port forwarding with wireguard is easily possible and will be for sure available with torguard. Best is stay patient until torguard releases it.

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