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Wireguard (client v.4.0.1) - Keeps asking credentials: says incorrect username / pw

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[EDIT: I am sorry, this post seems to have gone to the wrong forum, but I am unable to move it to the correct one.]


I actually have three issues, two of which are minor annoyances.

Problem #1 (see screenshots 1 and 2)
I just downloaded the 4.0.1 client version, installed it and chose "wireguard" as my VPN Tunnel Type. didn't change ANY other settings from my previous method, where I used (speed-)optimized settings for OpenConnect. The checkbox "Wreguard" in the settins > network tab is enabled.

When I try to connect the program consistently tells me my login credentials are incorrect. They are not, obviously. Other tunnel types do work.
What could be the problem?

Problem #2
When I connect using Wireguard, the network name & number keeps incrementing, causing Windows (and Avast, in my case) to notify me of a new network, which I then need to configure as either private or public. That's quite a big nuisance, to be honest. Please, please solve this and keep a fixed name for the WG network, jut like with the other network tunnel types.

Problem #3 (see screenshot 3)
This started happening a while ago (months, actually), and isn't really a big problem, but more of an annoyance. Every time I connect TorGuard warns me that "resolving the server hostname is taking unusually long". Why is that?
I know I can simply click "Continue" and skip resolving the hostname, but it is kind of annoying. Is there something that can be done about that?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards,
(p.s. I am located in the Netherlands and I am using the NL Server)

TorGuard - Login Credentials not accepted when choosing WIREGUARD Tunnel Type - 001.png

TorGuard - Login Credentials not accepted when choosing WIREGUARD Tunnel Type - 002.png

TorGuard - Resolcing VPN Server Hostname takes a long time.png

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Hello Code,

Unfortunately, resetting the settings does not solve the issue. But, I thank you for your suggestion. It was good to eliminate it as a possible cause.

Kind regards,

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I already tried that ;) plus, I downloaded the client right before I posted. It was definitely the newest version I initially had.
But, to make sure (you never know, right?), I downloaded it again a few seconds ago, installed, reset settings and retried to connect. Unfortunately, it didn't help.

Some other things I also already tried:

- Disabling Avast did not help
- The authentication issue happens on ALL servers, Worldwide.

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I registered a ticket with TG Support and they have solved it. Authentication works now and I have great speeds through Wireguard. Almost up to the level of having no VPN active at all.

Code, again, thanks for your help!


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