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Disappearing servers

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I'm sure how everyone else uses their VPN set-up, but the way I work things, is that I run things through NetworkManger and OpenVPN on my Linux (Ubuntu Mate 16.04.xx) and have different user profiles for the various different things I do on the internet, and use different VPN country connections for each. I feel this way it makes it harder for the big internet companies to link up all my activities and pinpoint my identity.

Doing this with TorGuard seems to be becoming more difficult, though, because...servers seem to keep disappearing off the service.

I used the Iceland server for some things. Then Iceland server stopped working. I could maybe understand it being withdrawn, as it's a pretty small country with small population. But now the Finland server (fin.torguardvpnaccess.com, has gone? That's a fairly big country.

It's possible, though, that I'm wrong and these servers are still there, and they're maybe being upgraded to something that's not compatible with my system. I am still running a slightly old version of OpenVPN, version 2.3.10.

I've looked at the downloads page, and the last server config file updates were in November 2019, and Iceland and Finland configurations are still in the .opvn files.

So, have these servers been since removed from TorGuard? Or maybe upgraded instead?

I think they key to figuring out what's going on is what happened to the Finland server in the last week, as a week ago, I was connecting to it without problem, now suddenly I can't. I haven't run any updates to the OS on my PC, or changed any hardware, and I'm still connecting fine to a few other TorGuard servers (although I'm now worrying which will stop working, next, hence this post).

So in the last week, it seems fin.torguardvpnaccess.com, has:
a) Been withdrawn
b) Been upgraded so it's no longer compatible with OpenVPN, version 2.3.10
c) Started blocking me for some reason
d) My ISP has found a way and for some reason decided to selectively block it

Anyway, it happened in about the last 7 days, whatever happened.

Can the TorGuard support staff tell me which, so I can figure out what's going on?



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I like Iceland because at least last time I checked, they had great privacy laws and agreements, with strong protections, compared to the rest of Europe and other Nordic Countries.

For several years there were 8 82.221.x.x ip addresses, of which only the one ending with x.x.104.27 was returned recently from ice.torguard.org / ice.torguardvpnaccess.com / ice.secureconnect.me and seemed to be the only one remaining.  It is still being returned from those domains.

The x.x.104.27 one seems to of stopped working today.

In that last few weeks there are two new IP addresses started to be returned, they begin with 213.167.x.x and they end with x.x.139.202 & x.x.139.206

So that leaves 2 servers working for iceland, unless the 82.221 starts working again making it 3.


Be sure to check that you are not connecting to a 82.221.x.x address for iceland, and instead are using their new 213.167.x.x ip addresses.  I don't think this is reflected in the configurations yet from the clients or most of the downloads available.


But yes it would be nice to know what they are doing and if we will only have 2 servers for iceland going forward, which is fine, but is good to be kept in the loop on what they are planning.  It might have something to do with them getting wireguard working. and perhaps the old location doesn't support it properly, could be how much it costs, or maybe a security issue, who knows?

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Thanks for the reply C.C. Yeah, Iceland have some decent respect of their citizens, I think.

I tend to try and stick to the "official" config file ip addresses, as I know ip addresses can change ownership. I don't know if TG ever sell them, but I don't want to get caught out. 😀

It's funny these two server addresses seem to have stopped working in the last few weeks though, when they're still in the latest config files. It would be a shame if TG are cutting back on supported countries. The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned.

Any chance of a reply from support on this?

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