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Super Slow internet


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I'm wondering if anyone is experiencing really slow download speeds?

The first week I bought this (5/31/20) the download speeds for torrents were lightning speeds.

I have a 1 TB internet connection and it's a wired connection to my computer, and my provider is Bell with an actual fiber connection to the modem. That first week I was getting 39.5 GB/sec download speeds, and after that it has dropped drastically and the fastest speed I'm getting is 130 MB/sec... but mostly getting 10 MB/sec. This is crazy slow since I can't download anything anymore and I feel extremely frustrated. I am running Bitdefender total security, but I've had that running before getting TorGuard. I've tried different settings and different servers and still no difference in speed. I've even tried troubleshooting my speed with Bell thinking it was on their end, and still no difference. I'm running windows 10, any suggestions?? 

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Considering that you probably must have a reason for 1Tb/s connection and not writting which wired connection you mean, with 130MB/sec I am also not sure if you mean 130 Megabytes (MB) or 130 Megabits (Mb), where the first would mean your windows PC is restricted with 1GB connection, to get more you need another network interface supporting 10/40Gbit etc..


Where you say you got first week 39.5 GB/sec, it kinda could be speed of SFP+, but only if you mean 39.5 Gb/sec, as 39.5 GB/s is equal to 312 Gb/sec and where  it is quite above the standards set for QSFP+/SFP+. By that I would think that you mean 39.5 GB/sec which kinda fits to specifications.

Normally no private person will get such connections in next 10 years and companies supply you with enough information and hardware before/during first installation.

I would tend to think that you should check your network interface for how much it can give and no, there is no notebook pc for end consumer giving you 39.5GB/sec, maybe there is some with SFP+ giving you >=10Gbit/s.

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As was said just check your numbers again because 39.5 gb/s is absolutely insane,that's what 20 movies downloaded in 1 second flat?Your slowest at 10mbs is still very fast as I am lucky to get 3 or 4 mb/s and when I do,I am thrilled.I don't have fast internet only about 100mb/s and my average download speed is 2 mb/s which to me is perfectly fine.

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