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Slow upload speed using Wireguard

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I started to test the Wireguard VPN but my upload is slow.

Connection Speed: 500/500 Mbps

No VPN: 455/496 Mbps pretty consistent on testing

With Wireguard  455/190 Mbps consistent testing

Why is my upload so slow?

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not sure if you test it with speedtest-cli, but if you do, take latest version as all previous have some bigger issues with upload. If it has nothing to do with it, try a server closer to you, the closer it is, the higher the upload will be, however, with wireguard I am getting 100% of my upload to a server 1000km away. I can report the same doing with a mobile phone (P30 Pro gets 100%, as does P40 Pro and P20 Lite, did not test with other).

For my tests I used UK and NL servers which are the closest available from TorGuard.

There is another point disturbing on mobile phone and it is that not all applications seem to work when wireguard is on, where I have no clue for now if it is a bug of those apps or wireguard itself. That is the only issue which I had for now with wireguard and only on android devices.

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It is only upload being affected so badly with Wireguard.  Now I found a major bug with Wireguard.  I have tried two different Wireguard servers and both servers I could not reach subway.com or royalroad.com at all.  I put in a ticket with Torguard on the sites not working with Wireguard.

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