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Hostname not found

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Just built a new PC and reintalled everything from scratch.  Set up utorrent with username/password and followed their instructions for settings.  Also, I have the particular port forwarded in my isp router/modem.


Downloaded the checkmytorrent file.  And I get a Proxy connect error : Hostname not found.  


In the past it would say something liek 'Failure:success blah blah'.


Anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

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When you get the 'could not resolve hostname' error, it means that the DNS server you are using (probably your ISP's) is not converting the hostname, i.e. proxy.torguard.io to an IP address. 

To get around this, you could either use one of the IP addresses instead from the SOCKS5 network page https://torguard.net/network/socks5/

Or change the IPv4 properties in the network adapter settings on your local Wifi or Ethernet connection to use Google's DNS servers.  Primary is and secondary is

I changed my DNS settings on my computer to use Google's DNS server and then the hostname proxy.torguard.org resolved (stragely .io still didn't resolve) and I could use the proxy again.

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.org and .io resolution edit
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