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VPN Router Recommendations?

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First of all I want to rave about Torguard's Customer Tech Service. They spent hours with me last week, helping me get things set  up on a new Synology router. Ultimately, I returned the router because it kept constantly dropping the internet signal. Now, let me explain . . . I live in the high desert in a tiny little town. My internet is through the air. At the very best I get 9 to 10 mbps down and 1mbps up. That is on a good day! There are no options for better service. When it rains, snows, is windy, etc. the service declines appropriately. I have a ranch style home with large adobe walls. I run the internet straight into a router in the kitchen (more or less in the middle of the house) and cable on the roof to another router in my office which I use as an access point. I cable from that to my desktop and use wireless there for guests. My router is an old ASUS on which I have loaded a dedicated VPN. I would like to get a new router, powerful in the sense of being able to handle a number of remote items (given our speed!) and that can push the signal a good distance through the walls. I also need to reach outside a bit on patios for guests. I have replaced all my cables with new 6 or 5e cables just to get all the signal I can. I bought "weatherproof" cable and tubing to run it through on the roof (from kitchen to office) to protect as much as possible from our huge climate swings and intense cold and heat. I have limited internet and am simply trying to get all I can possibly get out of it.

Can someone recommend a reliable and stable router-maker that makes routers on which the VPN client can be loaded to broadcast throughout the house? I don't believe my speed will change much, but I need reliability and an intuitive user interface in the router. I have everything running on good quality battery backups with surge protection because our electricity is also unstable and fluctuates a lot. It all sounds ideal, doesn't it? That's it. Thanks for any advice (other than "move somewhere else!").

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