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I have an Asus router hooked up through the WAN to my main router.  I have the router with Merlin software configured only to run as a VPN router.   It will only run the Torguard VPN since I have plenty of other routers to have Wifi or ethernet signals without VPN.  Now, Merlin has a killswitch built into the software but in the past I found the Killswitch to leak DNS at times.  I did not like the fact when I used dnsleaktest I got many IP addresses as oppose to the single one which is the VPN address.  I heard they fixed it in some recent updates but I was very leary to use it.   I dont like DNS leaks.

So in order to create a simple killswitch, I turned off NAT and UPnP in the WAN settings.  

When the tunnel goes down, I dont get any internet anymore.  It is dead.  Apparently, if the tunnel is gone, it needs the NAT to access the internet over the WAN port which is connected to Another router.

Seems like a simple kill switch.  Seems like a simple solution.  I dont have any DNS leaks using this method.

Any thoughts.  I cannot seem to find any posts that use this method. Perhaps because I am using a router hook up to another router via WAN may have something to do with it.

Any tech geeks ...or just geeks have thoughts.



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You have solved the problem that I had been banging my head about. My ASUS router RT-N66U does not have a kill switch and the routing does not even show the VPN interface.

It took me some thinking to understand how this works. And this is more reliable than any other kill switch and works on any router.

You are a genius, my man. IMPO the reason why there is nothing about this on the web is because everyone else just copies what everyone else says.

I am going to drink to your health and wealth right now.

Mr. P


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