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Connected to VPN, disabled SOCKS5 proxy: received notice from my ISP

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SOCKS5 seems to be on the fritz recently as I haven't been able to access anything in over a week. Upon disabling it, while logged into VPN, I found everything started working again. I verified that my credentials were accurate and the proxy address and port were as indicated by Torguard so I just assumed it was an issue with the proxy server and it'll get fixed eventually.

This morning I received a DMCA notice from my ISP pointing to my IP address. Killswitches have always been armed and tested successfully. So... what's up? What could I have missed?

Update: Further testing shows, using TorGuard's torrent IP checker, that both the VPN IP and real IP are visible. This was tested with two different torrent clients and connecting to two different cities. It appears TorGuard is leaking the real IP.

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I can't confirm that TorGuard is leaking real IP, tested now again on wireguard, openconnect and openvpn. Nothing is leaking. Your issue seems to be user error.

If you say you switched something on and off, then you could have leaked your information in exactly that time frame, considering the fact that you say you tested and both IP's leak, I would say it did not happen in that time frame, you have bad setup.

Are you connected directly to the router supplied by your ISP or do you use own device? If you use supplied device, then consider placing a firewall (another router) beetwen supplied ISP's router device and your local network.

Also, if your IPv6 is active, then you probably leak over it anyway, if you use TorGuards client you can enable a checkbox which will prevent ipv6 leaking.

Anyway, instead of accusing TorGuard of leaking I would rather check guides and documents which explain how to properly setup if I would be you. If you say that both IP's are visible then it clearly seems to be an issue on your side.

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