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Suggestion: Add DNS-over-TLS for Torguard Client

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Currently the biggest obstacle of connecting to torguard VPN is DNS polluting here. My local DNS is likely to send response delayed or return a wrong result, if I try to use unencrypted outside DNS then my request will be intercepted and I'll get a wrong result immediately. (It is confirmed that UDP:53 is blocked for ALL foreign servers here.)


So I suggest implementing DNS-over-TLS feature for the app, as HTTPS is usually not blocked for foreign DNS servers here for now, while resolving VPN addresses without local DNS can reduce the chance of VPN servers being discovered, so the difficulty of connecting is reduced and torguard's domains names are more durable.


Additionally, idk if torguard DNS servers support DoT for now, maybe you can consider adding this feature to these DNS servers, further reducing the chance of DNS/VPN servers get discovered by "the firewall" here.

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