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Ah, China~

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Hi there~ As I type, I am inside the Middle Kingdom, living for a while and brought this service with me so I can act normal while here.


So, the internet here is already really slow, but I'm in a bit of a quandary, and I'd appreciate some tips.


I'm in the process of downloading some material using uTorrent, and here's where it's interesting... I know that in general UDP is best for torrent speed, but being in China, I have the overarching firewall to consider, which in turn makes the TCP preferable... So it'll slow down a bit... Okay....


Then I turn it on, and I get zero. Zilch, not'a. Hmm. Curious... I'm a smart kid. I have two different VPNs for just this kind of problem. So the other guys, with sstp protocal are able to keep that stream flowing...


So what's the deal? I'm sure I'm just missing something. Seriously, it worked with TorGuard yesterday, and today has decided to snuff out.

Again, it still works for web and the like, albeit chillingly slow, but that's par for the course. Zero on the uTorrent is the real question here.


What do you think?


Also, any and all tips/tricks etc. for using the service in the land of Mao will be appreciated.



Thanks in advance.

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Of course, I'm sorry I didn't mention it. This is with a series, starting with both the Netherlands and Germany and on to Canada. I tried both the OpenVPN and the Viscosity-provided portals for those three countries.

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I've not set a proxy. And you've got me on your second question. I am not the one who configured my router, as it is in Chinese. As a result, I have a lead tech-guy who I would consider untrustable with this type of conversation.


As for the download that is ironically a torrent file, I'll have to log out with TG before I find its results, considering the original issue.


Secondarily, I'm listed as, a German IP address at the moment per What'sMyIP.com


Will the torrent-address actually create a different result? Okay.


Update~ I'm now seeing download speed... It is coming in at between 3 and 12 kb/s. (not exactly impressive, but shows the capacity to transit data.)


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