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TorGuard VPN Speeds - What are you getting?

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I am actually used to say in percentage how much I get on my VPN's. I am using TorGuard since many years, depending on your hardware/ISP/Protocol, TorGuard servers can give you 100% and more, yes, you read it correctly.


For those who are lucky having ISP which actually forgot to restrict few things like my, upload becomes equal to download, like instead of 250/50 I get 250/250, meaning download is 100% and upload speed is 500% of what I pay for. ISP is cable provider (fibre), here example with 250Mb/50Mb connection :) and my hystou on a quite heavy loaded network:


Hystou (Fanless Mini PC FMP07B-i3-7100U) (HYSZ180000156)


Retrieving speedtest.net configuration...
Testing from M247 Ltd (
Retrieving speedtest.net server list...
Selecting best server based on ping...
Hosted by Magenta Telekom (Vienna) [10.24 km]: 15.294 ms
Testing download speed................................................................................
Download: 241.52 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed......................................................................................................
Upload: 290.99 Mbit/s



Considering that paying my ISP to get the speed which I get with TorGuard would cost in my country around additional € 200 month, hell yes, not comparable to the price of TorGuard :), to understand better what I mean, my first test gives me already more Upload than my ISP offers on download, hehe, here additional tests:






As for hardware, I read somewhere that somebody is going for i3/i5/i7 server for such things. Well, I've done it all, an i3 will get you full speed for sure. I actually used multiple connections at the same time and let that device act as 4 gateways. I used for hystou device with 6 gbit ports that https://www.hystou.com/, that device never breaks, no problems with overheating (even if you watch 4k). That is the device which I would recommend if you want to replace your router by that and have more than 2 gbit ports or use it in a network with really many devices where all consumer routers would perform badly.


My hystou device works also with PoE+ (24W) (that is device which was used above in speedtest, however, I would recommend you to go much cheaper road if you need only 1 or two gateways. All raspberry pi 4 devices are quite cheap now and can be run on PoE (15W, all routers should work with it too). Rock Pi4 is actually more powerfull due to the fact that you can have m2 nvme disk, if you do not need storage, go for raspberry pi4 as it is much cheaper, at least much cheaper than router's with similar/same CPU power.

OpenConnect: If I am connected to a server closer than 200km, I get 100% of what my ISP offers on download and 500% on upload

OpenVPN: Archer C7/C5 gets around 33% of what ISP offers, hystou with i5 gets around 70%, RockPi4/RPi4 get around 70% too, my 16CPU AMD Ryzen is the only one which gets 100%

WireGuard: All devices get 100%.


Short conclusions about protocols offered by TorGuard:

OpenConnect: By far best protocol for me since years and it beats wireguard simply as I get 500% and it can port forward

WireGuard: Easiest Setup and fastest protocol. If your ISP is :) technically better than my which restricts properly speed, then use wireguard (port forwarding is/will be possible)

OpenVPN: By that picture is very clear, do not use OpenVPN unless you are restricted and must use it, mostly only companies can be restricted, private person is never from my experience. Lowest Speed, Max Power/CPU Usage.


Short conclusion about hardware requirements:

Starting from cheapest device with 100Mb/lan to some high grade servers, they all would deliver max. speed on openconnect and wireguard protocols, rpi4 costs around € 30 and is probably cheapest way to extend your router with a gateway. rpi3 gets also 100% on openconnect and wireguard, however, it has only 100Mb/s LAN port.


PS: I am not working for any companies mentioned above, especially not for my ISP.



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