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DD-WRT not running TorGuard Startup Command

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I've recently installed a Netgear Orbi RBR50 and placed a Netgear R7800 w/ DD-WRT inside the network. My DD-WRT router is not running the TorGuard startup command so the R7800 w/ DD-WRT is not connecting to the VPN.

I've patched the Orbi with V2.5.1.8 and I've flashed the R7800 with DD-WRT v3.0-r42819 std (03/30/20).

The Orbi LAN is subnet and is checked as the DHCP server. I've added a fixed IP for the R7800 w/ DD-WRT ( and set the Advanced > Setup > WAN > Default DMZ Server to I can connect clients to the R7800 w/ DD-WRT and browse the internet with a non-VPN conneciton.

The R7800 with DD-WRT is setup as follows:

  1. The R7800 w/ DD-WRT is setup as and assigning ip addresses and is allowing the connected devices using 192.168.2.XX IPs to access the internet. 
  2. In DD-WRT > Services > VPN > OpenVPN Server/Daemon i've checked OpenVPN > Enable
  3. In DD-WRT > Administration > Commands > Startup I've added the file with my credentials (redacted) 
  4. After rebooting the Router the OpenVPN log is empty
  5. The SysLog shows the following  (DDWRT_setup04.png)


As a side note on startup DD-WRT was not able to resolve 0.north-america.pool.ntp.org so I needed to use (Google) (DDWRT_setup05.png). Although once the router is Up DNS to outside websites is working just fine. Are my DNS settings bad?

  • DDWRT_setup05.png.bb828a6057f1edfc1e46841993ddd09d.png


Its as if the Startup Command is not even being run. Have I missed something? Thanks!

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