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Torguard, Fire Stick, Kodi, Lazyman not working

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I have Torguard VPN service. I recently installed it on my Amazon Fire Stick. It connects fine, however when I run Kodi and use a video service, it prevents the video service from connecting and playing the streams. I disable the VPN and it works fine. Everything else seems to work with Torguard on the Firestick.

I also have Torguard on my MacBook Pro, as well as Kodi and the same video service. When Torguard is connected, the video streams won’t play. When I disconnect Torguard, the steams play fine.

I’ve tried using OpenConnect and OpenVPN tunnel types, TCP/UDP Protocols, various encryption types, but haven’t found any combination that works.

Does anyone have any suggestions? My next step is to try IPVanish, which is heavily advertised for Amazon Fire TV, Kodi, etc

Thanks in advance

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Which video service? A lot of the big ones (at least in my country) have large databases of known VPN IP ranges, they check your connecting IP against them and will simply prevent actual video streams from working if a VPN's detected. Netflix will throw a well known error code for example.

I recently upgraded my package to their Streaming bundle, which includes dedicated IPs which (I belive) are guaranteed to work for major streaming services. Price on par with any of the other usual providers (same as my NordVPN subscription).

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It's "Lazyman" which provides access to NHL games.

I rebooted my MacBook and for some reason it started to work, however I still can't get it to work on my Fire Stick


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