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TG Android Client v1.54.1



== Release v1.54.1, 2019-12-27

- Provide Online/Offline mode
  Listen to network state changes and stop background processes while
  the device is offline. Restart background processes and reconnect the VPN
  once the device comes online again.
- Add 'Always-on VPN' option in preferences
  This option opens the Android system dialog for configuring Always-on VPN.
  Always-on VPN is a native Android feature introduced in Android N (API Level 24).
- Enable 'Auto Login on Connect' by default
  New features like Always-on VPN and Online/Offline mode, automatically
  trigger a VPN connect or reconnect. The connection should come up without
  user interaction if login information is already available.
- Add option 'Reconnect on network change'
  This option was was lost in the previous release
- Localize the App
  Initial languages supported are: English, German, Italian
- Layout fixes for landscape mode and overall UI improvements
- Split APK for smaller download and install size
- Fix issue where app would not reconnect when screen is turning on
- Fix issue when typed credentials were cleared after screen rotation
  This issue also caused password managers failing to fill out the credential fields.
- Fix issue where preferences would not be accessible on ChromeOS
Internal Changes:
- Fully remove usages of bindService()
  The usage of this Android API has forced the App
  to follow a very strict workflow in the UI.
- The Android VPNService now exists independently of OpenVPN
  This is a necessary change allowing the implementation of features
  such as Online/Offline mode, pause VPN, switch servers while connected.
- Support for newest Android SDK 29
- Add a 'Rate App' dialog
  The app will ask the user for a rating, if the user was connected for
  at least 24h. If the user chooses to rate the app later, then the
  question will be repeated after 7 days.



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On 12/28/2019 at 5:11 PM, Amir said:

Also it would be super nice to add the version number on android app as well, same as Windows:



This is in next version :)

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