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Setting up a second router specifically for dedicated IP VPN tunnel

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We're in the UK here and have been happily using TorGuard VPN for several years. We use it to be able to watch certain USA streaming services, and with the dedicated IP it works like a charm. At least, it works for our laptops which have the TorGuard client installed on it. We've just found out however, that casting from a laptop to a Chromecast, creates problems for some streaming services. My guess is that this is because the Chromecast is not behind the VPN but on the router directly.

So I was thinking about it and I thought maybe it's possible to setup a router to use the VPN, so that all devices connected to that router would automatically be behind the VPN. I googled some and found out that this should be quite possible. Apparently though, not all routers are capable of this. I've also read that there needs to be some compatibility between the router's VPN capabilities and the specific VPN service one uses, which in this case would be TorGuard.

I don't want to mess with the ISP router we have. I just want to leave that as it is. Then I'd like to purchase a second router, connect it to the first router for internet access and setup the second router to exclusively use the TorGuard VPN tunnel with the dedicated IP we have. That way, we can just connect some devices (like the Chromecast) to the second router, and switch other devices between the first and the second router depending on which service we wish to use.

Since I've never done anything like this before, I'm hoping to get some advice, and this place seems like a good spot to seek it. For now, I have the following questions. Hope you can help me.


As per what I wrote above, am I seeing things correctly, or am I mistaken?

How do I know whether a router would be capable of being setup through a VPN tunnel?

What type of compatibility should I be looking for in a router in order for it to work as best possible with TorGuard?


If you could offer a suggestion for a cheap router which would do the trick, that type of information would also be more than welcome. I'm not looking to spend hundreds of pounds on a top of the line gaming router with a dozen antennas. This would only have a handful of devices connected to it at most, and they won't all be used at the same time even, so the cheaper the better, as long as it doesn't get into the way of full HD streaming.

Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Ok first you are correct the chromcast forms it's own network connection to the service when you cast an app.

Secondly, Most of the routers that advertise OpenVPN support are allowing you to run a VPN server on the router to tunnel into your home network from somewhere else. This is the oppisite of what you want to do.

Finally there are several ways to do what you want:

1. TorGuard sells pre-flashed routers that will do it. https://privaterouter.com/en/12-vpn-routers

2. You could use a SBC like RaspberryPi to run an access point that will forward all clients through your vpn. http://www.pivpn.io/

3. Run a service on one of your desktop computers to do the same.

4. Buy an older router an flash it yourself to run one of the open router firmwares ( DD-WRT, Open WRT, ect ....) But not all routers support this so you have to select one carefully.



I don't know your level of skill, but if you are interest in advice let me know and i'll provide you some links and advice.


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what you want is not possible,

for streaming you need speed.

Routers that can handle a big VPN bandwidth need strong hardware. This will raise the price.

I use (and recommend to you) an ASUS 86U with Merlin ASUS WRT custom firmware.


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