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TorGuard Viscosity Update Issue

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I'm having trouble updating to the newest viscosity update provided. I managed to install the update after a few code 5 errors; but when I attempt to make a connection I'm being told the background service isn't running.


Any workarounds for this? I tried a clean install with no luck and changing account privileges. Thank you! The old version still works by the way.

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Hi Guys


We are working on this update issue and looking into why certain clients connections are disappearing, but if on latest version and updating through client it should work fine.


Im unable to reproduce in our dev environment or on any VM's on latest versions.


@Myriad you get 4 emails for every reply ?



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I'm having to reinstall TorGuard/Viscosity...again.


This seems to happen when I receive a message to update a connection. When I select 'Yes', all connections disappear and the only way to get the connections back is to reinstall.


Now, a reinstall is not a simple process...all instances of openvpn.exe processes must be ended before the installer can complete.

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