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TG Android Client v1.1.52



== Release v1.1.52, 2019-11-20-

Upgrade UI to Material Design

Fix connection issues with Arabic and Persian languages

Fix Status Screen showing n/a 

Disable autosuggestion in username field With autosuggestion enabled - the keyboard would insert unexpected
and often hard to recognise characters (e.g a space) into the username.

Close keyboard when changing screens - the keyboard is now closed on every screen change, to avoid the
screen being obscured by an unnecessary keyboard.

Rename nameserver setting to 'Static DNS'

'Internal Changes:

Enable minify option in build, creating smaller and faster to load APKs

Drop landscape mode on phones for code simplicity and working around some problems with switching
between portrait and landscape mode - the phone activities are now portrait only. Notouch and AndroidTV continue to use a special landscape
layout. But on those devices the App does not have to deal with device rotation.

Replace internal bindService() method with EventBus - this should fix a whole category of uninitialised UI issues.


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Actually, we know of 2 issues right now:

1) Landscape mode on some Android TV's

2) Nvidia crash

We are working on this right away and will have a bug fix out shortly.

for now you can download the previous build here



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