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Amazon Prime Video Germany.

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I live in Sweden & would like to watch German Prime Video content, I already own a dedicated Streaming IP for Germany which works fine with Netflix.


Can I watch watch Movies & Shows on Prime Video Germany, through TorGuard VPN as well, or will it get blocked? 


I already tried visiting the site & app while having the VPN turned on, but it seemed as if the site knew that I was using the site from Sweden, not Germany. Does this mean it's not working or can I just set up a subscription either way, and I'll be able to stream the content exclusive to Prime Video Germany? 

Something else I noticed that it didn't seem to work with the Amazon Prime App at all. When looking up shows available to the German site, they didn't show up in the App. 

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Some sites Store alot of cookie info in your cache so when you access the site from a VPN it can throw things off because of the old info stored in the cookie. You can try opening an incognito window with the VPN already on set to Germany and then access the site and see if the results are better as incognito gives you a fresh session no stored cookies, So good for testing.

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I have the same problem but with different countries. My research resulted in:

your amazon prime account needs to be in the same country that library you want to access.

In your case you would need

1. a german amazon prime account

2. be (or emulate via VPN) in Germany


I tried using a residential IP in the USA but it didn't work.


Should you find another solution to access other prime libraries, I am extremely interested to hear back from you 🙂



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