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iOS Auto-Connect to unsecure Wi-Fi networks

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Many thanks for adding this great feature! I would really like to see my phone connecting to unsecure WI-FIs only using TorGuard.


What I really miss though, is an arm switch. In order to get it to work I have to establish a connection to TorGuard. Just turning it on in the settings has no effect unless I actually connect to TorGuard first.


But this is not possible if I’m on a secure WI-FI or on a cellular network. I would get one of the following messages:


“You’re on a secure network. Remove this WI-FI from secure networks?”

“You’re on a cellular network. You can turn off the WI-FI only option in the settings”


This means, that I can only arm this feature if I’m already on an unsecure network. That doesn’t make any sense to me.


Is there a workaround known?

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