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Smart DNS, Secure DNS, and PRO VPN

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Currently I have a pro VPN service with a static IP for torrenting on certain trackers and other services.


Could I have an explanation about the secure, and smart DNS services being provided now?


From what I gather, the secure DNS would add another layer of anonymity (and prevent DNS leaks), and the smart DNS can be used to circumvent blocked websites, etc.


My goals are to remain anonymous when browsing, torrent at my location with my static IP, and be able to online game at speeds comparable to what my ISP provides.


I take it I need the pro VPN to accomplish these goals, but would a smart DNS help improve speeds or anything in my NY location? Could I use it without the VPN temporarily when I want to game strictly?



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Hello kcsneaks


The Smart DNS may help you here yes, its optimised for streaming content and unblocking content but we could also arrange (modify) to work with your games so you don't get any lag.


Its certainly possible, i would submit a support ticket and ask there, they would be able to give you a better answer on that one.





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I wish TG Pro came with Smart DNS or Secure DNS, considering it is the highest paid package or at least offer a discount considering that either service is almost just as much as a proxy or VPN service.


But I would also say TG gives the best bang for your buck. I use your service on all my devices and customer support is A+.

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It's not correct to pay just to access to the "Secure DNS-Servers", because all other VPN-Provider don't have "Google-DNS" to connect to! :( I'll give it a try, but just for 1x months to test...

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Feedback: Testing "Secure-DNS" for 1x Month


I've tested "Secure-DNS" for 1x month, applying various of Servers and Sites!


It's right, that you are anymore connected to the Google-DNS (when doing the DNS-Leaktest), but there is one thing I was still a little bit concerned.


When I've checked my IP/DNS on different sites, I've seen, that one DNS is in the NL and the other one in the US... Maybe TG could change this, because I guess a lot of TG-Members would not be (no matter if it's "Secure-DNS" in the US) to be connected with DNS to the US...


Point 2: The Speed is very very slow. I've a 75 Mbit/s down and 7,5 Mbit/s Connection and when using TG with the "Secure-DNS" I get something - e.g. 7-8 Mbit/s down and 4-5 Mbit/s up...


Also I'm not very happy, that TG has changed their Servers (before a lot of separate Servers of NL, US and CA you could add manually) to a pool of Servers... Now the Speed has decreased again...




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