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TG Android Client v1.1.48



== Release v1.1.48, 2019-07-02

* Restart on network change:

 Restart OpenVPN when the mobile device changes to network,
 e.g. from WiFi to mobile or back.

* Activate VPN when WiFi is detected

 This new feature will connect the VPN when the network connection
 switches to WiFi. It can also determine if the WiFi uses encryption
 and only connect the VPN if the WiFi is unencrypted. WiFis can also
 be excluded.

* Support 'Reconnect when Screen is turned on' on all versions of Android up to Pie

* Add flag for Belarus server

* Update OpenVPN to version 2.5

* Fix issue where TorGuard would disconnect after server config has been updated

* Fix issue where TorGuard would not open from the notification when it is disconnected

Internal Changes:

* Update to the latest Android Studio and Android build system.

* Support foreground service on different API levels

 This patch should avoid TorGuard being killed by Android under
 some borderline conditions (like extreme memory pressure) where
 the OS has to quit some apps. On newer Android versions this
 requires displaying a notification icon as long as the VPN is


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