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uTorrent + SOCKS5 + no activity = fail

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I am using the latest uTorrent on Win10, connecting via SOCKS5. Everything works fine. Downloads are fast. But then the queue in uTorrent becomes inactive (empty or 'all done'). When this happens, and I add new torrents, uTorrent fails to connect. The fix is simple - restart uTorrent. I wonder if it's a bug in uTorrent software or some incompatibility with TorGuard's SOCKS5 proxies.


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I had similar issues and it was related to using "proxy.torguard.org" because using that uses a POOL of random ip's and after awhile if your torrents become inactive or for whatever reason the proxy ip changes... it causes the connection to "time out" because the tracker is expecting a connection from the initial IP but the proxy ip has changed  which causes connectivity issues as the tracker is expecting a connection from the first ip you had but your ip has changed timing out the connection. Rebooting utorrent is a fix but only temporary until the timeout happens again changing the proxy ip causing a disconnection/timeout.

The fix for this was to instead use a "specific" proxy IP address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx instead of proxy.torguard.org which fixes the timeout issue and utorrent stays connected, using a specific ip address makes the connection much more stable!.

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Yep... but the servers are overwhelmed pretty severly, so im betting everyone is having a hard time downloading... 
 heres a short curl log collected from a script looping through the pool randomly to collect some data ... 1kb and 250 bytes collected from 2 urls.... 14 connection attempts to get 1.25kb of data....lol... i set a 4 second timeout got a ton of,  no acks, sub-neg fails,  no responses....etc...  the servers are basically being ddos'd by paying customers to the point where they have exhuasted their all tcp ports... each connection has to wait inline...  bandwith and transfers rates might be kinda ok... but the connection will reset many times before a movie comes down...  Glad I only scrape data... not movies...lol 

heres the logs... could not paste them in here for some reason...


They defininetly need to up the number of servers...  I have the list of socks 5 from last year, which still allows connections to some... but those ip's are under the same level of stress...



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29 minutes ago, VengeanceTFN said:

the servers are overwhelmed pretty severly, so im betting everyone is having a hard time downloading... 

Here's the thing - downloading is just fine, I'm routinely getting 10-15 megabytes per second, sometimes even 20 (my connection is 600/100). 

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Switched to a specific IP address as my SOCKS5 proxy. After a day it stopped working altogether. Returned to a domain name as proxy - same. So I disabled proxy and returned to running over a VPN. And suddenly realized that uTorrent's RSS feed downloader wasn't working over SOCKS5. This is just weird.

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I have been using the torguard socks5 proxy in utorrert old version 2.2.1 for around 3 years now and it has been running smooth for me i have tried multiple proxy socks5 ips without issue, the only issue i had was time out issue using proxy.torguard.org domain as the proxy. If your still having issues maybe it is a configuration problem could be due to a firewall or antivirus or a setting in utorrent  or DNS configuration on your adapter there are alot of possibilities but it is starting to sound like something is causing these issues as it is working fine for me and no one else has been posting the issue in the forums which would indicate it is working fine for thousands of other people which can only lead to something configured wrong maybe use a different port? maybe port forwarding issue? maybe firewall? could be DNS on the Adapter you will have to tinker with all these variations and see which one gives you a positive result. above you posted an image of your utorrent settings/connection tab there is also more settings in the utorrent settings/bittorent tab 1 of those may also be causing a problem if configured wrong. 

I would recommend that after reading this and tinkering with things if you still have a problem open a support ticket and support will surely try to help torguard support staff are very nice and helpful and intelligent surely they will be able to guide you in the right direction with some ideas.  

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