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Both public and private IPs are showing

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I am running v3.95.0 on Windows 10, with all the default settings.

I connect to the VPN (it says verified and everything), then open qBitorrent, add a new torrent, and wait for it to connect to the trackers.

When I look at the list of peers for this torrent it displays both the VPN endpoint ip address AND my private ip address (what everyone saw before I connected to the VPN).

I have checked a couple "Do I leak?" websites and their torrent tests say "no" (TorGuards page for leak checking doesn't seem to work, btw, I never see the described "green button") but every now and then my download speed rockets up to like 2/3 of my regular non-vpn speed (while the vpn client says that everything is fine) and I have received a notice from my ISP, so I'm not the only one seeing my real IP.

Since the entire point of the "anonymous vpn" is that no one should be able to see my ip address, I need this to be fixed. What can I do or what can you do to fix this?

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Which leak page are you referring to? I just tested them all and they all work fine.

If the TG Client is connected and "Verified" your traffic is 100% secured nothing else will leak through any app you use - When you say private address, you're referring to your LAN IP or your ISP IP? you need to make sure your torrent client is not running before you connect to the VPN and make sure that the option to Block internet when NOT connected" is enabled under more settings --> network and even when TG is disconnected but still running all internet will be blocked.



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