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Re-signed up for the 10g network. Issues with cogent

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So, if you work support here often - perhaps you remember my posts.  First it was an abysmal ping that began on the standard chicago servers.   I signed up for premium in an attempt to resolve.  While my speeds actually got EVEN WORSE on the premium, it did allow me to send outbound email which was a plus.   Either way i cancelled and just as I did, the ping issues with chicago were resolved (which anyone knows by now).

Fast forward, and I noticed there was a post saying the 10g speed issues were resolved as well.   So if I could have potentially better speeds AND email, I figured id sign back up - and did.

This led me to discover a few things.   1) the emails being blocked are being blocked on quadranet's IP's, not cogents (or DigitalOcean for that matter)  I imagine theres nothing you guys can do about this which is unfortunate due to 2) I am in fact getting marginally better speeds on the premium network ONLY on quadranet servers.  Cogents are literally gutter abysmal in both ping  and throughput to the same exact area.   Just as bad as they were in the past (which they were as I now realize, the only chicago based server you had at the time) and also why it had my emails going through.

I tried different locales as well.  Los angels for example.  Cogent = gutter,  quadranet, substantially faster in every way.

Is this just the way it is?  Does cogent have inferior infrastracture or is there some kind of issue going on like there was with quadranet chicago servers some weeks back? 

really trying to ascertain the value of sticking with the premium network, or at least which servers to keep on my dedicated IP list with port forwards set-up.  If i can get quadranets speed, and cogents non blocked ip addressed, it'd be a win :P

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