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Torguard is the only "God" Tier VPN?

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Congrats from me too.

The only thing I would like to see from a god tier VPN and I am missing from TG is:

a. a canary 

b. a clear statement how the provider will handle gouvernemental influence like gag ordering or demanding customers data.

some years ago I read that TG would move head quarter out of US if that ever happens. 

Having seen what is possible and already has happend in this f***ed up world I would feel way better if TG was operated from outside the big eyes/china/russia.

Is there any knowledge how TG servers work? Are they rented or property? Do they delete data when electricity is turned off? Can they be tinkered with from third parties when still running (operational/cooperative approach being a keyword here)?

I really love TG so far but am always looking towards Nord because of the location thy operate from.

Maybe staff could make a statement? Would be cool!


kind regards!

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Yes, I am in China. I confirm that it works in mainland here. Using it to watch Youtube, speed is pretty decent. 

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Im pretty sure its fine with their USA servers but i don't think so for the rest of their servers. I used to experience slow speed to australian servers and now its vietnam servers. Literally slow to a scrawl cannot even load pictures from HK servers...

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