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TorGuard Client v3.93.0

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Release torguard-v3.93.0, 2019-03-06

* New command line option: --settings reset

 It is now possible to reset the settings from command line,
 using the option "--settings reset".
 Note: In Linux, TorGuard needs to be called with the complete path
 "/opt/torguard/bin/torguard" in order the command line option to work properly.

* Windows: network interfaces identified by the index

 The network interfaces are now identified by the index,
 and not by the Friendly Name as before. This choice will
 be more reliable in non-English environment. In particular,
 people that experimented problems with the new "Seamless reconnect"
 option set as default in v3.91.0 and "Block internet when not connected" option added
in v3.92.0, should see the problems fixed.

* MacOSX: "ifconfig inet6" error fixed

 Some users can have noticed a popup error message "ifconfig inet6".
 That could happen when the IPv6 was not properly enabled in the machine
 and "Prevent IPv6 leak" option was used.
 We changed the strategy to protect IPv6 leak so that the error is now avoided.

* MacOSX: fixed reconnection problem when "Seamless reconnect" was enabled

 A bug related with the new Seamless reconnect option (enabled by default since 3.91.0)
 could prevent the VPN to reconnect in MacOSX.

*Features Coming Soon*

1) SSTP Tunnetlype

2) Selecting location/IP based on ping

3) Automatically adding dedicated IP's to the TG client upon purchasing


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