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How does 'residential IP' work?

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I looked around KB and this forum but still couldn't find a clear description. So a couple of questions:

1. If I buy a 'residential IP', say in NYC, will all my traffic be always routed via this IP address, regardless of where from I connect to the TorGuard network? Or do I need to connect to a specific address you give me to get this 'residential IP' service?
2. Is it true that with 'residential IP' I only get one simultaneous connection? Does it mean I can't connect to the specific IP more than once, or are all other TorGuard services blocked while I'm using this 'residential IP'?
3. What if I'm somewhere (say, Europe/Spain) and need a local connection for speed/torrents? Get another account/service? Or are there other options?
4. I'm currently in Spain, using AirVPN. When connecting to NYC (their partner is *.us.leaseweb.net) I normally see ~56 Mbps on fast.com (but streaming doesn't work). Is it reasonable to expect similar numbers when using 'residential IP' from TorGuard?

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1. No you can changes to and from your residential IP, you get a unique IP that you add to client

2. Yes, you can´t have it running on more then ones client, if you can I have no idea

3.  in the client the is a IP for Madrid or Valencia not sure when it is, but you do have one of them

4. Normally I see 30-60 Mbps on my residential IP in NYC


Hope it helps

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