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Weird Geolocation Issues

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Let me say upfront the vpn service is working and I am not reporting it is down in any way.

What I am wondering about is some weird geolocation issues that have no explanation. 

Whether I use a router based client for permanent connection or a software based client on Windows this issues still occur. And they only seem to start in the last month or so.

I. If I connect to speedtest.net and let it select the best server I am always presented with a list of test servers in NE France which is really strange.

2. When using Youtube it is clear it thinks I am India and presents default videos from that country, also bizarre.

If I use https://torguard.net/whats-my-ip.php the locations are always in the US whether on the router openvpn client or a window pc based client which is good.

These issues are annoyances only but it makes me wonder how reliable the geolocation actually is? Is there something to configure to prevent this issue?

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Probably numerous factors - whether they've reallocated any IPs from blocks they control, whether those servers are new acquisitions and the previous holder of the IP was in those countries, or whether the public geoip databases have updated yet. I've not had any wrong country geolocations on UK servers I've tried so far, but I've not tried many in the US.

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