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Need help from premium network subscribers

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Hello folks,

I need a little help from other premium network subscribers.
My problem: When I connect to either of the two new Netherlands servers, I have low speed. Neither me nor TG support were able to pinpoint where the problem is.
I want to ask you if some premium network subscribers (preferably from central Europe) could do some speedtests and let me know the result so I know if the problem lies with me.

My tests:

UK 10Gbit (reference): latency 60ish ms,  downspeed 60-75Mbit  (max out of my current line)

Netherlands 10Gbit 1:

latency 20-30 (as expected due to much lesser distance from me compared to UK),  downspeed 5ish Mbit (sometimes it leaps to 30mbit for the first second but after that lowers to 5Mbit)

Netherlands 10Gbit 2: same as with Netherlands 1


I would really appreciate some help and response!

Thank you and have a good x-mas and a healthy and successful new year!



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I"m a premium network subscriber.

I am not in central europe but have you thought about the possibility of the grade of cipher that you may be using that may/could contribute to a slower speeds that your getting.

Also, who else is using that same premium network that you're on? Is it being shared?

Also, what times of the day are you accessing the Net using that premium network. During the busy times of the day such as early evening where there may be more traffic or during the early morning or late at night where there may be less traffic overall?

Also, be aware that speed tests from various sources are not always accurate to what you feel or know you should be getting. Have you thought about using a speed tester from more than one location and from different online speed testing sites? There will be differences.

sorry, but that's all that I could think of regarding your issue.

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@tumbleweedsxm  thank you for your kind answer! I of course thought about all that but I found the solution to my problem in another post.

@everyone else with the same problem:   the solution to my problem was this:


  • Tunnel Type - Open VPN
  • Protocol - UDP
  • Port Auth - Auto (or select any SHA256 manually as SHA1 has been deprecated due to security issues)
  • Cipher - AES 128 GCM (less overhead than 256 GCM)
  • More settings\ Network \ DNS \ When VPN is connected - use VPN DNS 
  • More settings\ Proxy - Direct Connection

Before I used openconnect (in my experience faster then openvpn). I think the critical part that caused my problems is the DNS part. Before I used cloudflares

Hope this helps somebody....


Problem solved, thread can be closed.


Kind regards


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