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TorGuard Client v3.92.0

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TorGuard Production release v3.92.0
Main Change: Mojave bug fixed
Release torguard-v3.92.0, 2018-12-18

* All platforms: new DNS option "Pushed DNS"

 The user can now choose "Pushed DNS" or "VPN DNS" as Nameservers option
 when VPN is connected.
 - Pushed DNS: they will be send from the VPN server, usually "" and ""
 - VPN DNS: "" and "" (only valid when connected)

* All platform: "Remove Internet Kill Switch on close" option

 Enabled only if "Manage Interface State (Internet Kill Switch)" is used.
 The interfaces selected to be disabled after disconnect will be
 re-enabled when TorGuard is closed if this option is active.

* All platform: "Block internet when not connected" option

 When active, this option will completely block internet traffic when TorGuard
 is running and the VPN state is not connected.
 The internet traffic will be re-enabled on closing.
 This option needs "Seamless reconnect" to be enabled.

* All platforms: High DPI bug fixed

 The "High DPI scaling factor" option, broken in 3.91.0, is fixed with this patch.

* Windows: bug fixed on port 53

 The users could have seen problems when connecting with OpenVPN on port 53.
 The problem consisted in not having a connection even if the VPN state was on CONNECTED,
 and could have happened only sometimes. The bug, related to "Blocking outside DNS" option,
 is fixed with this patch.

* MacOSX: bug in Mojave fixed

 Users using Mojave could have experimented problems when trying to reconnect after
leaving the machine sleeping for some days. The problems were displayed with
a popup "MacOSXUtilities failed to finish".
 The bug is fixed with this patch.



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