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openvpn ASUS RT-AC88U

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i have used a pfsense router for several years and have now upgraded to a ASUS RT-AC88U, im planning to install the vpn service there, and of what i have seen it is supposed to work.

But what will happen if the vpn service goes down, will the connection break or will my real ip be showing?

And is it possible to get just some of my computers to go trough the vpn tunnel or do all of them need to through the tunnel?

in pfsense i can choose which computer that i want to runt through the vpn.

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You need to flash AC88U with Merlin firmware and use "policy rules"  and "Client routing" to direct all your devices to either WAN interface (no VPN) or thru the VPN. This is accomplished only with Merlin as stock Asus firmware does not offer this capability.


Also you can select "Block routed clients if tunnel goes down" on the VPN Client settings page to eliminate IP address showing.



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