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TorGuard Client v3.90.0

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Release torguard-v3.90.0, 2018-10-30

* All platforms: OpenConnect is now able to reconnect if the interface changes

 Users could have noticed that sometimes OpenConnect
 was not able to reconnect. In particular, it happened
 when the network interface changes, for example switching
 between Ethernet cable and WiFi.
 The problem is fixed with this patch.

* MacOSX: Version info is now visible using Finder

Internal Changes:

* MacOSX: save information in case of MacOSXUtilities errors

 In case of errors, MacOSXUtilities will
 write more information in the log file,
 if the Debugging Log is activated



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8 hours ago, Taurean said:

When do you plan to upgrade the TLS to 1.3? It's been out for over a year now.


Rest assured it is coming in our next build.


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