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TorGuard Client v3.89.0

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Release torguard-v3.89.0, 2018-09-28

* All platforms: Update OpenSSL to 1.0.2p

* All platforms: Update OpenVPN to 2.4.6

* All platforms: Order server sites by distance to user

* All platforms: Select closest server as default

* All platforms: Display more information on fatal VPN error

* All platforms: Filter invalid IPs addresses on DNS update

 Once connected, TorGuard will query the DNS in order
 to refresh the local IP list of the servers.
 Before saving them in memory, we check that all the IPs
 are valid.

* Windows: Do not force installation of TAP driver

 In the installation process, the user is now able to
 skip the installation of the TAP driver.
 Note: Having a working TAP driver is necessary in order
       to have the VPN working as expected. The user
       should be sure that a working TAP driver is
       already installed in the system.

* Windows: Unistaller checks if TorGuard is running

 TorGuard should not be running during the
 installation/uninstallation process.
 The installer already checks if the VPN is
 running and warns the user.
 With this patch, also the uninstaller will check
 and warn the user if TorGuard is running.

* Windows: Clean up TAP interface

 The TAP interface could be used (not simultanously) by other
 processes, or other VPN installed in the system. For this
 motivation, after using it, we now clean it up on disconnect
 (i.e. removing IPv4 and IPv6 addresses previously set)

* MacOSX: Display more information on MacOSXUtilities error


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