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Question about intercontinental speed

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Hi all, devs, admins and TG users!

I have a question regarding your TG / other VPNs experience when it comes to intercontinental speed.

The situation: I stream a lot from USA to central europe (Germany in my case). I found the speed i get from TG standard servers (streaming ip) and other VPN providers quite underwhelming!

Mostly I get around 5-8 Mbit.   I even subscribed to TG residential IP 10 GBit. It did improve the speed to 12MBit at the max, but sometime I still get around 3-5Mbit.

The question(s):

What speed do you get intercontinental (USA to central europe in the best case)?

Do you know of ways (including other providers) how I can have a faster streaming connection across the pond? Unblocking geo-restriction to access netflix usa is a must!

If if helps: I am using an ASUS ac88u with merlin with standard settings to access the usa server.


Thank you for any answer/help :-)



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HI Balexter


Now I can only tell you have thing are from my view and like you I am in Europa. Now I have only need using the residential IP from Oakland for a couple of days but at the same time and when the time on it is up that will be it I get anything from 7 mbps to 30 in download upload is from 2 to 4 mbps


I also have a streaming ip in Michigan that will normally give me 40-50 mbps in download upload is 15-30 mbps not that I using it to upload with.

TG New York here I normally get something like 60-70 in download upload is from 40-55 mbps. If I use London I have 70 mbps and up

and a upload there is the same


hope it helps you

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Hi Dan_C,

Many thanks for your answer!

Before the residential IP in oakland, I had a streaming IP in florida and tried out a streaming ip in michigan. All with the same results.

May I as kif the New York server you mentioned is a standard shared ip or a streaming ip too?

I get 100/40 from my ISP, so my speeds isnt the limiting factor here. Maybe I have to ask TG support to try out all available streaming ip locations and find one that will give me a fast and stable connection....


I have spoken to the support team about my problem. Might I ask you what IP range you are in when you stream from the US? Maybe send it in a PM so it wont exposed here?  This might help support to help me.


Kind regards and thanks in advance

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HI there Balexter


The New York one is the same as you have or can use,


About the streaming ip it was move from Arizona to Michigan, after it was done I did get a better speed out of it. but as you have try it I am not sure, it will help you


It can also be that your ISP are throttling you when using VPN, I have been trying out difference VPN providers, and did come back to torguard as I got the best streaming speed

I did try out one where then speed I got out of New York, as the was the streaming ip was only good for SD but at the same time a friend got the speed I was after. But I never got that. So after 20 days I ask for a refund


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Hey Dan-C,

Thank you again for your reply and your PM! I hope this will help me solve my problem. At the moment I fear I simply sit in a bad place concerning internet traffic peering.

May changing ISP (getting glas fibre the next weeks) will make a change...

Thank you again and kind regards

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