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Lazy Vpn Ception

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now before people flip out about why you would do this. the problem is i have a home vpn to connect to my servers at home but its not good at punching through firewalls. torguard is great at punching holes through fire walls but doesn't have my servers, the solution is use both so i can get torguard to punch a hole then have my home vpn go through it. now this isn't as easy as it sounds if you try to do this using torguards app and openvpn on the same computer it errors out so this is the dumb solution 


Step 1 install Virtualbox 

Step 2 Download linux mint

Step 2.5 run torguard on your computer

Step 3 install linux mint on a virtualbox ( there's a bunch of guides on this but if people show interest ill put it in greater detail)

Step 4 move your cert thats bad at punching to the linux mint virtualbox then run it with sudo openvpn yourcertsname.itsfileextension

Step 5 nano /etc/resolv.conf and set the name server to or what ever your favorite dns is if your having dns problems 

Step 6 it should now be working fine do everything you want via the vpn thats bad at punching on the linux mint virtual box most computers can do this fine withought lag

Step 7 if you did step 6 run sudo service networking restart


this method while quick and lazy isn't as clean as you can do it there's so ways to do it via virtual adapters and iptables but i don't have time right now. hope some one else finds this useful who needs to get through a annoying firewall or a cleaner way of doing this but hey it works. if any one finds a cleaner method please post below or needs a step explained 


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