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OpenVPN for Android not recognizing files

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I'm using the App you cite in your tutorial, as I cited above...'OpenVPN for Android'.


Here's the error I get...


'Unsupported Option remote-random encountered in config file. Aborting.'


I emailed the dev, and he responded with 'try removing the remote-random switch'.


It's interesting that the tutorial works with this App. Had you maybe not used remote-random at the tutorial time?


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OpenVPN for Android i didn't realise was actually the name of the app (Not a regular Android user) so it could have been meaning any Android app for all i know, we do 3/4 tutorials for different OpeVPN android apps.


If you would be more specific and point to tuts you followed it would help - I'm not sure why they wouldn't support remote-random but you can download individual configs from the My Servers page if thats the case.


Your correct though - we didn't use remote-random at that time.



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Here's the link to your own tutorial...it's the one that shows you how to use OpenVPN on Android (hint hint)




Since the dev of the App recommended removing remote-random, please provide me what code I would replace that section with. I would imagine it to be a specific IP? What would the code replacement look like...specifically.


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I had the same problem with open vpn for android downloaded from play store.


solution download torguardpro.zip


find .ovpn (for the server you want to use)

change to .txt

find "remote-random" line

delete "remote-random" line


change back to .ovpn

load on phone

select the edited .ovpn from openvpn for android app


you will also need the certificate for the server from the zip file



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