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TG Android Client v1.1.35




== Release v1.1.35, 2018-04-16

* Change some URLs from HTTP to HTTPS

* Android's Power saving mode is handled (Android 6 and above).
 In case that Power saving mode from Android is turned on,
 TorGuard is not working as intended.
 Thus, the user gets a notification if power saving mode is on.
 Additionally, the user gets a description on how to exclude
TorGuard from that mode.

* User can choose Nameserver when VPN is connected.
 The option can be found in Settings > Network > Nameservers
 Selectable are:
 - Google
 - Level 3
 - OpenDNS
 - Ad Blocking DNS
 - Custom (Name, DNS1, DNS2)

* Show "Verified" link
 When VPN is connected, the current IP was shown under the label "Connected"
 Now, if the IP is correct (equal to the server IP), a "Verified" link will appear.
 The link points to a website where the user can check the working connection.



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On 08/06/2018 at 5:32 PM, trump2016 said:

Is it possible to make port 1912 available on the mobile app? It's the only port that works with the UDP protocol at work.


Hi Trump - next version will have all ports laid out as the TG Client and will also include stunnel :)


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