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TorGuard Client v0.3.81

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**Some users were experiencing long delays when connecting due to our extra checks on the connection so we decided to pull back to 0.3.80 on Windows and 0.3.79 for Mac and Linux for the time being, if 0.3.81 works OK for you-you can stick with it, only a small handful of users had this issue but to be on the safe side we reverted the release for now.**

Release torguard-v0.3.81, 2018-04-05

* All platforms: More options to sort the server list

 Three options are now available in the ServerList widget:
 - Alphabetical order
 - Reverse Alphabetical order
 - Frecuency Usage order

* All platforms: Filter server list changed

 Now it is possible to filter the server list by continents:
 - All
 - Asia
 - Europe
 - North America
 - South America
 - Oceania
 - Africa

* All platforms: bug fix on "Cancel" button

 While VPN is starting, loading screen appears and the user
 can cancel the connection. If the "Cancel" (or "Disconnect"
 in previous versions) button was clicked in a certain (tiny) time
 window, it was possible to see a bug: VPN starts anyway, and
 the "Disconnect" button in Status screen was not working.
 This could appear more often in Windows, since in this OS the
 time window when the bug appears is slightly longer.
 The bug is fixed with this patch.

* Windows: improve of the "Prevent WebRTC leak" option with the IPv6 protocol

 This option disables the default route in Windows.
 It is preferred rather than remove it completely.
 With this patch, we disable the IPv6 default route as well.

Internal changes:

* All platforms: new DNS solver strategy



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