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Pfsense + Stunnel?

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Is it possible to get torguard working in PFSense with Stunnel?


Or some other way to stop the constant Authenticate/Decrypt packet error’s I get which reduces the connection to a crawl when I use UDP on a Virgin media connection?


I’ve found using TCP stops the errors but the speed is then abysmal. If I use the torguard client with stunnel enabled however the speeds improve. The only problem is I need stunnel working on pfsense not the client.


Any help appreciated.

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It seems they removed stunnel in newer versions of pfsense , but there are some guides on how to install and use it manually as per this thread: https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=109873.0

In regards to the  Authenticate/Decrypt packet error, it could be a configuration issue - can you PM me screenshots of your OpenVPN client setup?


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Thanks for the offer but i think I've sorted everything out now. For some reason the client only went fast when using TCP if the port was 1212 with STunnel enabled. Checking the site/forums and the rest of the internet didn't say how to translate these requirements to pfsense.

However after a number of days fiddling i've found your normal TCP connection when setup on pfsense is a actually faster than with the clients Stunnel and port 1212 enabled. The mistake i made was initially only testing the connections out on the client and then trying to make the only one that was fast work in pfsense.

Been trying a number of VPN providers out this last week and they all gave really bad UDP connections, including you. After a lot of faffing about i concluded it was a virgin media problem and they have something running on my connection that results in the UDP packets getting messed up randomly from time to time resulting in around 2MB/s speeds and the Authenticate/Decrypt packet error’s.

So with UDP out I've been trying to get TCP working. The problem i had with TCP was that standard TCP speeds ranged from 8MB/s to 23MB/s on all providers including you, even after i'd fiddled with the settings in the client.

However when i simply tried your standard TCP connection in pfsense I finally got something close to full speed of 40+MB/s. Makes me wonder what you've done different that allows your standard TCP to work as fast as it should. I have a feeling it might be because you have more up-to-date servers or something.

So in case anyone else is looking at this and are getting Authenticate/Decrypt packet error’s on virgin media with pfsense. First stop using UDP. Second don't just test with the client. Try the various servers/ports out in pfsense itself as well before causing yourself pain and suffering of trying to get Stunnel to work in it. For some reason the client is a lot slower when using TCP then pfsense is. Or at least that is my current experience.

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