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Win10 TG Client + ClockworkMod Tether

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I have searched for this and found nothing, so perhaps this is just me, but:



Laptop: Windows 10 Pro

Mobile: Android 6.0.1



When using my laptop on wifi or ethernet, i use the TorGuard Windows Client.

When i'm in a hotel or at work where i have no wifi access, i use the android TorGuard client and ClockworkMod Tether.


The Problem:

I currently have to uninstall Tether on my PC when i intend to use the Windows TorGuard Client (Tether is not running at the time) as the TG client complains about a "driver problem": "A problem with the TUN/TAP driver was detected. It is recommended to reinstall the driver".

Pressing cancel will leave the TorGuard app sitting on "Starting" and will never progress.

Reinstalling the driver does not fix the problem. The same error just repeats until Tether has been uninstalled before reinstalling the TUN/TAP driver.


This of course means i need to reinstall Tether every time i need to connect via my mobile. This is every single day, and a month of this is starting to drive me nuts.


Is there a solution to this?



Other Info:

FYI The following is a link to the TorGuard.net blog post showing how to set this up:


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We have seen other reports that this app does something with the TAP driver that ends up you needing to reinstall it, this isn't an issue with torguard or the TAP driver itself - usually, if you install this app first, then install TG and then run the tether app w/admin privileges it works.

You would be best contacting them - you might first want to check this out though, in case it might work for you.


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