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TorGuard Client v0.3.78

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Changelog v0.3.78:

* All platforms: new Seamless reconnect feature

 The new Seamless reconnect feature improves the old one,
 assuring that not leaks will be present while
 reconnecting/disconnecting. In particular, this new feature
 can work in combination with the InternetKillSwitch option.
 In that way, we are able to block possible leaks while the
 Operative System is busy disabling the interfaces.
 Note: the new Seamless reconnect option can work also on "Connect"
       if Internet Kill Switch is used.
       This means that, there will be no leaks on Connecting,
       while Internet Kill Switch is enabling the interfaces.

* All platforms: Cancel vs Disconnect

 The button label in loading window (before OpenVPN/OpenConnect is started)
 is now changed from "Disconnect" to "Cancel".
 The difference is that Cancel means the VPN program is not yet started,
 while Disconnect will stop the VPN program that is running.
 The difference affects the Internet Kill Switch behaviour: in order to prevent leaks,
in case of Cancel, we restore the previous situation. For instance
 selected interfaces will be disabled, if they were disabled before connecting.
 In case of Disconnect, the behaviour depends on the
 "Arm killswitches after first successful connection" option (unchanged).

* All platforms: remember the last window position and geometry

 A new option can be enabled to remember the last
 window position and geometry.
 Warning: This option might not work properly on some platforms.

* All platforms: Remove old OpenVPN 2.3

 The new version OpenVPN v2.4 is stable.
 The old version 2.3 is removed.

* Linux: Bug fix

 The "Enable selected network devices" link was not working in Linux.

Internal Changes:

* Linux and MacOSX: Change vpnc-script implementation

 The vpnc-script was an external script used by OpenConnect.
 In Windows, the vpnc-script.js is already implemented inside our application.
 Since this version, we implemented it also for Linux and MacOSX.
 This change made the new Seamless reconnect option possible.


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