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A simple rundown of what certain things do

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I don't have much knowledge on the subject and need someone to explain certain aspects to me. I have done some research but online research isn't very friendly to someone who has limited knowledge on the subject in the first place. This thread could also be a future reference to others who use the VPN but are not very informed on what certain aspects are.

- What's the different between OpenVPN and OpenVPN V2.4?

-What's the different between enabling STunnel and not enabling it on the Torguard Client?

-Should I be using STunnel?

-Does stealth actually hide what VPN server i'm connecting to (NY, LA, Etc.), or does it only disguise my traffic to look like normal traffic from said server?

-Is there any way around websites which specifically block the use of VPN's or proxies? Stealth connections don't seem to work all the time, at least for me.

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Welcome to TorGuard


1) OpenVPN is version 2.3, OpenVPN 2.4 is the newest version of OpenVPN and this version we recommend you use, OpenVPN 2.3 will be removed in a future release.

2) sTunnel is handy in locations where you might be blocked, Uni, public wifi hotspots, work, library etc it is also very useful in countries such as China and Iran, it can help speed up TCP based connections too.

3) Depends if you are in a highly restrictive country, network,  you  may just want to speedup TCP based connections or just want that extra layer of protection.

4) It helps obfuscate the OpenVPN signature - it won't hide the location of an IP address that you connect to.

5) If they block IP addresses directly or ASN numbers for the provider then the only way around such blocks are to find an IP that is not blocked, stealth wotn help you with website blocks unless that block is done via DPI etc.


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