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Ham Sandwich

Stealth support on 443?

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Ham Sandwich

It looks like "stealth mode" is using openvpn's scramble obfuscate option.   It also looks like it is sending data over port 4443.  

Can I use stealth mode over port 443?  I only have port 80 and 443 outgoing.

Edit:  Now I am thinking that I need to use an stunnel on port 443, and run the vpn through that.  So now I am trying to figure out how to change the stunnel port to 443 on the Linux client.

Edit2: I tried changing the stunnel from port 8447 to port 443 when connecting to one particular server.  It did not work.  Do any Torguard servers support stunnel on port 443?   Thanks.


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We do have a profile for port 443 yes but we do not run stealth or stunnel directly on that port.


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